Sweet Recipes


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Mostly , Dessert (Sweet Dish) is the final course of a meal that is usually a sweet dish or drink.
Sweets are an important part of all festivals, functions or any happy occasion. We are here with all type of sweet recipes to add more taste to your kitchen with simple and easy ways of preparing sweets at home. Milk sweets occupy the first place in all Indian bakeries. There are also some desserts made with fruits and nuts. Lets the sweet beginning of the occasion celebrated
Here is a list of 100+ Indian desserts that you can try and enjoy. The list includes some of the best classic North Indian and South Indian sweets that have been made for many many years. There are also a few instant dessert ideas that is perfect for last minute plans. 

Lastly, there are also many new and innovative dessert ideas that will blow your mind. This is the generation of variety and innovation in every field including food.
Categories you can find in our app : Fruit sweets , Milk sweets,Coconut sweets, Halwa , Laddoos , Burfi

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Punjabi Chinese Recipes in Hindi

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Punjabi and Chinese Recipe Application Describe different large Number of Recipes Varieties in Hindi Language.

All Recipes included with image.

Punjabi Recipes in 100+ Categories.

– Aalu Bhature(आलू भटूरे)

– Anjir Kofta Kari(अंजीर कोफ्ता करी)


– Paneer Tikka(पनीर टिक्की)

- Makki ki Roti( मक्की की रोटी)

- Rumali Roti(रुमाली रोटी)

– Daal Makhni(दाल मखनी)
– Panner Samosa(पनीर समोसा)
– Paneer Tikka Pulav(पनीर टिक्का पुलाव)

– Paneer Veg(पनीर वेज)
– Punjabi Lassi(पंजाबी लस्सी )

– Methi Matar Malai(मेथी मटर मलाइ)

– Naan(नान)
– Aalu Parotha(आलू परोठा)
– Kabuli Chane Ka Pulav(काबुली चने का पुलाव)
– Shahi Paneer Recipe(शाही पनीर रेसिपी)
– Chana Masala (चना मसाला)
– Kulcha(कुलचा)

– Bhature(भटूरे)

- Vaada Kari(वड़ा करी)

– Punjabi Chole(पंजाबी छोले)

- Rajma Ki Sabji(राजमा की सब्जी)

– Dum Aalu(दम आलू)
– Shahi Paneer(शाही पनीर)

- Matar Masala(मटर मसाला)
– Kaju Khoya(काजू खोया )
And many more….

* Chinese Recipes Categories *

– Baby Corn Manchurian(बेबी कॉर्न मंचूरियन)
– Cilli Paneer(चिल्ली पनीर )
– Chilli Garlic Noodles(चिली गार्लिक नूडल्स)
– Chinese Fried Rice(चाइनीज फ्राइड राइस)
– Hakka Noodles(हक्का नुडल्स)

– American Vegetable Chopsuey(अमेरिकन वेजिटेबल चौप्सी)
– Vegetable Szechuan Noodles(वेजिटेबल सेजवान नूडल्स)
– Gobi Manchurian(गोभी मंचूरियन)
– Veg Manchurian(वेज़ मंचूरियन)
– chinese Noodles Samosa(चाइनीज नूडल्स समोसा )
– Noodles Dhosa( नूडल्स ढोसा)

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AllinOne Recipe Book सम्पूर्ण रेसिपी बुक हिंदी !!

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AllinOne Recipe Book सम्पूर्ण रेसिपी बुक हिंदी !!

– This App have more than 80 Categories which includes 

– Nashta (Breakfast)
– Paratha /Thalipeeth
– Fast Recipe in Hindi
– Chatani Recipes
– Achar Recipe
– Salad Recipe
– Ice Cream Recipe in Hindi
– Roti Recipe
– Sabji Recipe in Hindi
– Sambar Recipe
– Mithai Recipe in Hindi
– Festival in Hindi 
– Non Veg Recipes in Hindi
– Baby food Recipes
– Panjabhi Recipes
– South Indian Hindi Recipe
– Soup Recipes in Hindi
-Gujrati Recipes in Hindi 
– Bengali Recipes in Hindi 
– Veg and Non Veg Biryani Recipe

Achar (Pickle) Recipes,Baby Food Recipes,Bengali Recipes,Bengali Sweets Recipes,Bread Recipes,Bihari Recipes,Burfi Recipes,Cakes and Cookies Recipes (Baking Recipes),Chaat Recipes,Chatani (Chutney) Recipes,Cheela Recipes,Chikki Recipes,Chinese Recipes,Dal Recipes,Deserts Recipes,Drinks/Beverages Recipes
Farali Vangi Recipes for Upvas and Vrat,Fast Food Recipes,Fasting Recipes,Festival Recipes,Gujarati Dishes Recipes,Halwa Recipes,Ice Cream Recipes,Indian Food Recipes,Indian Cuisine Recipes,Jam and Jelly Recipes,Kachori Recipes,Kadhi Recipes,Kheer Recipes,Khichdi Recipes,Kofta Curry Recipes,Ladoo Recipes,Lassi Recipes,Marathi Recipes,Microwave Oven Recipes,Murabba Recipes,Naan Recipes,Namkeen Recipes,Nashta (Breakfast) Snacks Recipes,North Indian Recipes,Pakora Recipes,Pakwan Recipes,Paneer Recipes,Pani Puri Recipes,Panjabi Dishes Recipes,Paratha Recipes,Pasta Recipes,Peda Recipes,Pizza Burger Recipes,Pizza Recipes,Pulao Recipes,Puri Recipes,Raita Recipes,Rajasthani Recipes,Roti Recipes,Saag Recipes,Sabji Recipes,Salad Recipes,Sambhar Idli Recipes,Sambhar Masala,Sandwich Recipes,Sharbat Recipes,Snacks Recipes,South Indian Recipes,Spices (Masala) Recipes,Sweet and Spicy Recipes,Street Food Recipes,Stuffed Vegetable Recipes,Sweet (Mithai) Recipes,Tea Recipes,Traditional Sweet Recipes,Upvas Vrat Farali Recipes,Veg Biryani Recipes,Vegetarian Curry Recipes,Vegetarian Recipes,Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Also included following Indian Festival Delcious Food Recipes in this app.
Diwali Faral Recipes,Food Recipes for Karva Chauth Vrat Katha,Ganesh Chaturthi’s Special Food Recipes,Holi Festival Food Recipes,Janmashtami’s Fast Farali Recipes,Navratri Prasad Recipes,Raksha Bandhan Festival’s Food Recipes,Shravan Month’s Special Food Recipes,Christmas Food Recipes,New Year 2017 Special Food Recipes,Makar Sankranti (Uttarayan) 2017 Special Food Recipes,Diwali 2017 Food Recipes.

We have also added Kitchen Tips and Tricks in this app. Shakahari Recipes are also there in this app.This is totally offline Recipes Book in Hindi. Please Read and Learn this Cooking Recipes in Hindi.We are sure this app will be Khana Khazana to all the user and you will be (apply only for Female user) Rasoi Ki Rani in your Family.

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Nimbu Ke Gharelu Nuskhe Hindi

Nimbu Ke Gharelu Nuskhe Hindi


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Nimbu(Lemon) ke Gharelu Nuskhe in Hindi application is collection of lemon home remedies for common problem which individual has in its daily life the problems like fever,constipation, controlling dysentery, vomit, stone,indigestion,clearing out the poison from the body, cough and phlegmatic disease,destroying worms in the stomach etc.

Application describe many cure option for disease.

Lemon is very useful in many disease like…

– मानसिक और सिरदर्द 
– पेट के रोग 
– आँख, कान, गला, नाक
– सौंदर्यता
– बाल
– जोड़ो और पसली 
– बुखार और ज्वर 
– मुंह, दांत और मसूड़े
– खांसी, जुकाम
– पेचिश, कब्जियत, गुर्दे के रोग, डफर और जुलाब
– हृदय, ब्लड प्रेशर, डायबिटीज, एसिडिटी
– गर्भावस्था 
– उलटी, पित्त 
– शरीर 
– अन्य रोग : (त्वचा के रोग,विषैले कीटों के काटने पर,बिच्छू का जहर,यक्ष्मा (टी.बी.),नाखून का न बढ़ना,दमा या श्वास रोग,धूम्रपान की आदत पर,हिचकी,अग्निमान्द्यता,लू लगना,गर्मी अधिक लगना ,पित्ताशय की पथरी,गिल्टी (ट्यूमर),वातरोग,नासूर (पुराना घाव),फोड़े-फुंसी के लिए,मिर्गी)

Feature :

-Completely offline application so you can use application without internet.
-Beautiful user friendly interface.
-Chang text size for better readability.
-Choose favorite content.
-Share content to each other via social media like Whatsapp,Facebook,email and etc.


Owner of this application do not have any right on the content and images present in this application because all the content is collected from internet.

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नई उत्तर प्रदेश GK

नई उत्तर प्रदेश GK

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नमस्ते, हमने इस ऐप में आपके लिए उत्तर प्रदेश के बहुत सारे महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्नों को डाला है। इस ऐप में डाले गये प्रश्न बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण हैं। आप इसको एक बार यूज जरूर करके देखें। हम इसमें समय-समय पर नये प्रश्नों को भी अपडेट करते रहते हैं इसलिए आप इसमें नेट चालू करके भी जान सकते हैं। 

इस ऐप से आप उत्तर प्रदेश के सभी प्रकार के exams की तैयारी बहुत अच्छी प्रकार से कर सकते हैं।

अगर आपको इसमें कोई प्रश्न गलत लगता है तो आप कमेंट करके जरूर बतायें। और हम आपके लिए इसी प्रकार की और भी ऐप तैयार करें इसके लिए कृपया 5 Star Rating जरूर दें। 

हम आपके लिए और भी ऐप लेकर आयेंगे जैसे -UP police, up gk, Uttar pradesh gk, SSC, IPS, BANK PO, BANK CLERK, IFS, PCS, CIVIL SERVICES, STATE CIVIL SERVICES, POLICE EXAMS, SSC CGL, CISF, CAPF, NDA EXAMS, CDS EXAM, RAILWAY EXAMS, GOVERNMENT JOB EXAMS, POST OFFICE EXAMS, NICL– Assistants, APPSC, BPSC, Chhattisgarh PSC, GPSC, HPSC, HPSSSB, HPPSC, JKPSC, Jharkhand PSC, Kerala PSC, MPPSC, MPSC, Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board, OPSC, RPSC, PPSC, TNPSC, UPPSC, WBSETCL, 2017 gk in hindi and all type government job exams आदि। इसलिए हमारा सहयोग करते रहें। 

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If you found any material copyright please contact us via email with Original Source of Content. We will remove that things. And Friend Thanks

नई गणित फॉर्मूला Maths Formula in Hindi

नई गणित फॉर्मूला Maths Formula in Hindi

Rs 580

href=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/17xncVq0ygPNLQnBO27LlNUQqf4QpXBKC/view?usp=drivesdkdiv style=”color: black; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”>
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गणित फॉर्मूला , Maths Formula in Hindi is maths formula in Hindi language, cover following topics .

Topic Details:
संख्याएं (Numbers)
लघुत्तम समापवर्त्य और महत्तम समापवर्तक (LCM and HCF)
बीजगणित (Algebra)
औसत (Average)
प्रतिशतता (Percentage)
साधारण ब्याज (Simple Interest)
चक्रवृद्धि ब्याज (Compound Interest)
लाभ, हानि और बट्टा (Profit, Loss and Discount)
अनुपात और समानुपात (Ratio and Proportion)
साझेदारी (Partnership)
मिश्रण और पृथ्थीकरण (Mixture and Alligation)
समय और कार्य (Time and Work)
नल और टंकी (Pipes and Cisterns) 〉
समय, चाल और दूरी (Time, Speed and Distance)
रेलगाड़ी और प्लेटफार्म (Train and Platform)
नाव और धारा (Boats and Streams)
क्षेत्रमिति (Mensuration)
ज्यामिति (Geometry)
क्रमचय और संचय (Permutation and Combination)
प्रायिकता (Probability)

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Reasoning In Hindi With Solution

Reasoning In Hindi With Solution

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Best reasoning app for all gov competitive exam .This is very unique ,simple and helpful for all student.in this app you got same solved question with description and practice question for knowing knowledge.

features of app

Hindi content 
Simple user interface
Access offline
under 5 mb best 

Topic of reasoning

1.दिशा परीक्षण (Direction test)
2.कैलेन्डर व घड़िया(calendar and time) 
3.बैठक व्यवस्था व क्रम परीक्षण(seating Arrangement)
4.कोडिंग और डिकोडिंग(coding and decoding)
5.समानता परीक्षण(Analogy test)
6.मैथमेटिक आपरेशन(mathematical operation)
7.नंबर सिरीज(number series)
8.वेन आरेख (Venn diagram)
9.वर्गीकरण( Alphabet test)
10.रक्त सम्बन्ध(blood relation)
11.श्रिंखला परीक्षण
12.कथन व निषकर्ष

this app dedicated for all gov exam like ssc, railway, ,upsc etc.


SSC Constable GD Exam App In Hindi

SSC Constable GD Exam App In Hindi

href=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/17xncVq0ygPNLQnBO27LlNUQqf4QpXBKC/view?usp=drivesdkdiv style=”text-align: center;”>

Rs. 320

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SSC Constable GD Exam App In Hindi

SSC Constable GD 2018 Recruitment Process has been started in which the total number of posts is 54953. Online application date 21/07/2018 Last date for making the application online is 20/08/2018.

Application fee

General / OBC: 100 / –

SC / ST: 0 / –

All Category Female: 0 / –

Pay the Exam Fee Through Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking or E Challan

Vacancy Details Total: 54953 Post

General Catagory: 28619

OBC Catagory: 11966

SC Catagory: 9455

ST Catagory: 4913

Eligibility: Passed 10 + 2 Intermediate Examination

Age Range

Candidates should be between the age of 18 to 23 years.


For men- 170 cm

For women- 157 cm


For men- 80 cm

Minimal extension – 5 cm

SSC Constable GD Exam Syllabus

General Intelligence & Reasoning

General Knowledge & General Awareness

Elementary Mathematics


ssc gd final result 

ssc gd medical date 

SSC GD Constable App 


Constable (GD) in BSF, CISF, CRPF, SSB Exam


SSC Constable Bharti 2018 Hindi 

SSC GD Constable Hindi

SSC GD Mock Test Hindi

SSC MTS/CHSL/CGL/Constable/Stenographer Adda 2018 Hindi

SSC Constable Model Papers Hindi

Army Bharti in Hindi

SSC GD Constable Exam

SSC GD Constable 57000

SSC GD Constable Hindi App

e=”text-align: center;”> Indian Army Jobs (Latest) 2018 Hindi

Army Bharti Hindi

Indian Armed Forces 2018 Hindi
Army Bharti Exam Quiz Hindi
SSC GD Constable Job
SSC GD Constable bharti 2018-19
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BSF Hindi
ITBP POLICE CONSTABLE FREE Online Mock Test Series Hindi
CISF Exam Hindi
All Exams GK Hindi
Police Constable Exam Hindi
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All Hindi Shayari, SMS and Quote

Rs 99
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href=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/17xncVq0ygPNLQnBO27LlNUQqf4QpXBKC/view?usp=drivesdkny quary WhatsApp 8750947860

All Hindi Shayari
Hindi shayari 2018
Independence day Shayari and SMS
Janmashtami SMS and Shayari
Hindi Shayari application Contain brings best collection of Hindi and English Shayari.
2018 Hindi Shayari lets you explain sentiments in all their forms through rhythmic words.
All Hindi Shayari is the best to convey message you want.
All Shayari app provide Love Shayari,Dhokha Shayari,Good Morning Shayari,Good Night Shayari,Funny Shayari and Other Shayari

*How To Use All Hindi Shayari*
-First Start Button Press To Read Shayari Category
-Then You Can Choose Any Shayari Category and Click it
-Next Lots Of Shayari Visible To read and Click to Next
-Then Full Shayari View Visible to Share Or Copy Shayari
-Press Next Arrow To read Next Shayari
-Press Previous Arrow To Read Previous Shayari

*Features OF All Hindi Shayari*

-100000+ Latest and New Shayari
-HD Graphics Design
-Category wise Shayari
-You Can Share Shayari using social media by this app
-You Can Copy Shayari and Past another Place
-Move to Right and Left Shayari
-attractive animation UI

All Latest and New Shayari
All Shayari
Good Night Shayari
Good Morning Shayari
Birthday Shayari
Shiva status
Mahashivratri Status
Mahakal Status
Mahadev Status
Whatsapp Status
Love Shayari
Friends Shayari
Attitude Shayari
Funny Shayari
Romantic Shayari
Best Wishes Shayari
Memories Shayari
God Shayar
Other Shayari
Ganesha Shayari
Navratri Shayari
New Year Shayari
All In One Shayari

Hindi Shayari
All In one Hindi Shayari
English Shayari
English Good Night Shayari
Hindi Good Night Shayari
Whatsapp Shayari
Whatsapp Shayari Status
Whatsapp DP and Status
Dp and Status
Whatsapp Status
Christmas Status
Kite Shayari
Uttrayan Shayari
Makar sankranti Shayari
Republic Day Shayari
Rose Day Shayari
Proposed Day shayari
Hug Day Shayari
Kiss Day Shayari
Chocolate Day Shayari
Promise Day Shayari
Teddy Day Shayari
Valentine Day Shayari
Christmas SMS
Christmas Quotes
New Year SMS
New Year Quote

Hindi Christmas Shayari
Hindi Kite Shayari
Hindi Uttrayan Shayari
Hindi Makar sankranti Shayari
Hindi Republic Day Shayari
Hindi Rose Day Shayari
Whatsapp Valentine Shayari
Hindi Status
All Latest Status
Hindi Proposed Day shayari
Hindi Hug Day Shayari
Hindi Kiss Day Shayari
New Status
New Year Status
Hindi Chocolate Day Shayari
Hindi Promise Day Shayari
Hindi Teddy Day Shayari
Hindi Valentine Day Shayari

Facebook Shayari
Facebook Status
Hindi Whatsapp Shayari
Whatsapp Good Night Shayari
Whatsapp English Shayari
All Latest Shayari 2017
All Latest Shayari 2018
New and latest Shayari 2017
New Shayari 2018
New Year Shayari 2018
Valentine Shayari
All Day Valentine Shayari
Best Wishes and Quotes
Hindi SMS and Quotes
2018 valentine day shayari
2018 Christmas Shayari
2018 New Year Shayari

You can copy your favorite Shayari by just one click and share it via any messenger application.
View next Shayari by flip your finger.
Hindi Shayari having amazing HD UI Design.
Best and unique Shayari provide in this application.
This app is offline so there is no need of internet connection for it and user doesn’t need to find on internet because various type of Shayari are provided in it.
You can also directly share Shayari to your family member or any other social media apps.
and more send whatsapp and facebook media.

m, cm, mm to yard, feet, inch converter tool


s 130
App buy karne ke liye

Iss QR Code par payment Kare


Any quary WhatsApp 8750947860

m, cm, mm to yard, feet, inch converter tool

m, cm, mm to yard, feet, inch

Converts meter, centimeters, millimeters to yard, feet and inches

Simple no frills tool to help convert units of meter, centimeters, millimeters to yard, feet and inches. 
Simple and very easy to use. 
Have fun and hope you find it useful. 

Thank you